E.H. Brogan and Paula Lopez-Gamundi

Proposal for the Beautification and Enhancement of Liberty Brewing Company Venue (Exterior Front)

Prepared by E. H. Brogan, Independent Design Consultant Certified Concept Marketing Director “Every impact, optimized – Trust me! I know attention!” upon identification of significant opportunity to strengthen name recognition and improve overall company image for: Liberty Brewing Company, LLC Plymouth, Michigan “They drink beer!” I. Statement of Need: It has been observed that Liberty Brewing Company(LBC), while in possession of an advantageously sizeable expanse of traffic-facing storefront/sidewalk ‘negative space,’ which currently serves as ‘dimensional space cushion’ between the physical face of the Liberty Brewing Company’s establishment and the first block of cement curb that borders Liberty Street, has not properly capitalized upon the staggering design opportunities that are inherent to such an expansive, otherwise unmarred (i.e., by telephone poles, utility boxes, near-surface-level pipes, wires, or other public service provision accoutrement) square footage, which could accurately be termed a bona fide “blank canvas” by a design consultant possessed of enough creative conceptualization to seize on such potential. This independent design consultant, blessed with only the best active visualization ability as well as copious innovative, envelope-pushing style and flair (not to mention gut instinct), recognized the space’s fundamental aesthetic potential within seconds. Overcome with enthusiasm and sheer possibility, it became clear that there was only one conscionable option: it would in fact be criminal to allow Liberty Brewing Company to continue its waste of such advertising potential as no other mere fermentation plant within the county was possessed. Through a combination of careful consideration and the gathering of highly scientific, secret data points, it was possible to pinpoint the ideal improvements necessary to maximize Liberty Brewing Company advertising reach, street and name recognition, and achieve a projected 1000% effect with regards to gross income and the take-home of Liberty Brewing Company’s bottom-line books. Once conceptualization optimization was complete, it became imperative to bring Liberty Brewing Company in as an active member of the conversation, by means of this formal design proposal. II. Proposed Space Optimization: The installation of a tasteful, commanding, universally attractive mascot figurine or statue on the external sidewalk now forebordering the front face of the Liberty Brewing Company venue. This statue will serve to maximize time of Liberty Brewing Company eye contact for all pedestrians, automobile operators, bicyclists, and persons of miscellaneous locomotive status who pass within 2500 yards, potentially more, of the Liberty Brewing Company Storefront. To capitalize upon the time of eye contact maximization the statue will both play upon the Liberty Brewing Company brand and pay homage to an immediately recognizable and beloved image, an art no less famous at a glance than the Statue of Liberty itself. Even the illiterate will know the name of Liberty Brewing Company by means of this iconic representation of the most famous American image of our time. III. Detail Description: a. Placement The Liberty Brewing Company model shall be placed directly before the double-door front entrance to the Liberty Brewing Company itself. Sufficient lead distance will allow both outward-swinging panels to retain full functionality, inclusive of their 135° angle of maximum open (to allow the highest volume of customer intake). b. Proportions The Liberty Brewing Company mascot should, first, be mounted on a pedestal to raise its beauteous vision significantly above eye level so that no passers-by, no matter how tall or afflicted with gigantism, can either miss its sight in a haze of oblivion or block the vision from sight of any other living creature felicitous enough to come by the Liberty Brewing Company block. To accomplish this regal elevation the pedestal should measure 45” from the ground, at minimum. Imagine all the little children when they crane their necks! As for the statue herself, of course the Statue of Liberty Brewing Company must be larger than life. Current approximations, which consider the background and other surround details as well as basics such as the pedestal height, base, weight, etc, stand the lovely metal lady at 4.5’ wide by 4.5’ long by 12’ high. Of course, should Liberty Brewing Company desire to strike more awe into the hearts of their target audience (everyone outside), these dimensions can be scaled greater. The only true limit, besides those afforded by style and imagination, the only physical limit, is the literal amount of ground footage available to Liberty Brewing Company – which, as has been stated, is quite extensive. c. Composition and Dress The Lady Liberty Brewing Company statuette will be hand-sculpted by a team led by master metal artisan C. Schmidt. For materials, in lieu of the Statue of Liberty’s choice metal, copper (which is both prohibitively expensive and no longer quite as impressive or cutting-edge in this century as it was in the 1800s), the choice is obvious: aluminum, the metal worshipped by beer brewers of any size, the only appropriate selection for a beer can, a metal which boasts a high gloss, light weight, and frankly inarguable price point. Aluminum and beer go, literally, hand-in-hand, and figuratively as well as physically the choice seems nothing other than perfect. As for attire, our icon shall be presented in immediately recognizable beer-maid costuming. This will ensure a symbolic, unconscious, and permanent association not only between the Liberty Brewing Company figurine and the Statue of Liberty which inspired it, but also with beer, the consumption thereof, and the classic atmosphere of a bar environment. Therefore, the young female figure will be clad in a short, pleated skirt; a short front-laced corset over the bodice; an undershirt with capped, slightly “poufed” sleeves, etc, etc. In a brilliant riff on the Statue of Liberty’s iconic 7-point crown, the Liberty Brewing Company Freedom Queen will sport a similar designation of royalty. However, her regalia will be composed of Liberty Brewing Company bottle caps, which vary stylistically to reflect each available Liberty Brewing company libation. Since the brewery maintains a historical collection of these bottle caps, it will be possible to represent every beer ever produced at Liberty Brewing Company within the royal maid’s tiara. In addition, this bit of trivia will encourage tourists and beer aficionados alike to gather around the statue and attempt to identify each beer by the displayed bottle caps. A small notice on the rear of the sculpture’s pedestal could even inform interested parties that, should they correctly identify at least 7 offerings to a Liberty Brewing Company employee, they will be rewarded with a pint of any currently available Liberty Brewing Company refreshment free of charge. d. Accessories Our fair nation’s original welcome committee of one holds, in her uplifted right hand, an eternal flame. In her left she holds the Declaration of Independence to her chest. These details deserve an updated representation should our Statue of Liberty Brewing Company hope to serve its inspiration any form of justice. Therefore, the figure will hoist an overflowing beer stein above her head, to inform all lookers-on what, precisely, she is promising; in the left she will clasp either Liberty Brewing Company’s current bar menu; casks on tap and in brew; or, simply, the drafts available inside. In a daring nod to the Lady Liberty Brewing Company figurine's origins, the abstractly symbolic, antiquated torch and practically incomprehensible 'independence' tablet will lie on the pedestal slightly behind the statuette, where a discarded chain rests in the original French design. e. Miscellaneous In an absolutely inspired final detail which will clench Liberty Brewing Company’s association, forever, with America, freedom, and status as a visionary leader in the art of microbrewing, the forefront of the Liberty Brewing Company Lass’s pedestal will be inscribed with an homage to the poem which emblazons the base of the original. This final bit of cleverness is a simple demonstration of the care, attention, and brilliance which has driven the entirety of this proposal. If there is any doubt as to how the currently available space could be put to best use, it may be laid to rest with the following lines on its gravestone:
Bring me your tipsy, your buzzed, your weeknight warriors yearning to chug deep. The staggering standards of your go-to bar. Send them, the beer-soaked and black-out, to me. I’ll drink to them. Now sir – another whiskey?
IV. Estimated Project Cost: (Excluding Current Bill for Proposal Generation: $1,886.10) Materials: $10,000 Labor: $23,000 Contingency: $5,500 (Total Estimate: $38,500) V. Conclusion Simply put, the proper execution of this proposal will drive attention, affection, patriotism, sales volume, and customer count to significant new heights. Frankly, this consultant is unable to imagine how the space could be used in any other manner, or how Liberty Brewing Company could adequately justify not pursuing this installation. Such inaction would seem almost criminal, absolutely un-American, not to mention a colossal failure in correct effectuation of the capitalist ideals which, to be frank, form the backbone as well as the religion of this, the United States, our fair and fairest nation. VI. Billing & Contact Information Please feel free to indicate Liberty Brewing Company’s acceptance; acceptance with design modifications; acceptance pending further discussion or elaboration; or other assumptive response to this proposal, concurrent with your payment for design services rendered to date. We consider a simple, easy “yes” scrawled on your check’s memo line more than sufficient! In the meantime, pre-orders will be filed to reserve the required crew, time, and equipment. Address all correspondence to: E. H. Brogan, Independent Design Consultant Certified Concept Marketing Director “Every impact, optimized – Trust me! I know attention!” at: @wheresmsbrogan or: emilyhopebrogan@gmail.com All snail mail will be returned diffused, sanitized, irradiated, and unopened in either fact or, at least, appearance. Payment processing will route via Snapchat. All suggested improvements are welcome. Any response to this proposal including silence legally constitutes acceptance. We suggest any lawyer or legal entity retained by Liberty Brewing Company who may attempt to challenge this contract in a court of law first pass a bar exam, and then try and get off the internet. Please direct any additional requests regarding this Proposal using Instagram.

Libert Brewing Company Statue by Paula Lopez-Gamundi


E.H. Brogan

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