Chasity Porter

For Pleasure More Than Profit (the story of my life), 2015 by Chasity Porter

Objects of Affection #1 by Chasity Porter

Objects of Affection #2 by Chasity Porter

Salvation is Free, but you don’t have to take it

It began at an early age Agnosticism and premature dejection Sitting in a Methodist church Singing songs about soul saving masochists Delivering smiles to old ladies who smell of peppermint and moth balls Collective naiveté. I burst out in laughter trying not to think of the preacher as a man but as a tool. Grandma whispers,” hersh that noise chile, listen to the lord’s word” And how I imagine it to be during an epileptic seizure, The ac kicks on and I am transformed between waking life and a dream, Walking down a path of pews marked by familiar faces And an inappropriate desire to be kissed. Settling in at the base of a cross in preparation for communal digestion, Hands held by siblings. My first taste, my first love Resurrection through blood Like an acid trip from years to come Where blood ran in toilets and I lingered too long. Preparation for my soul that needed saving That needs saving. The tools speaks to me and all I can imagine is how his wife kisses that mouth With that breath And those lies. How his hand shakes with water and reassurance of a better life, Through blood and bodies and holy water baths.


Chasity Porter is a self-willed, freethinking maniac with a penchant for rejecting predictability. Her work typically develops out of a personal, though sometimes fleeting, emotional response to any given stimulus. She is a mixed-media artist with a concentration in collage, design, and assemblage. She earned her BFA in Applied Design and Visual Arts from University of Houston – Clear Lake. Her work has been locally, as well as internationally exhibited. Doing art full time, she's not only a mother and a wife, but also the founder and owner of the only mobile art gallery in Houston called the Dormalou Project.