Lauren Belmore


man & woman are lazy words I discover the more I feel Father Time craft the years of sand into steel takes the scythe to my scalp the more Mother Nature paints me full lips red with lust my cheeks with eager nervous flush of my body in the mirror seeing Adam Eve everything in between my hips swing like my prizer fighter's left hook swings like I swing a queer pendulum in the spectrum I am the slight tip of scale Eyes of doe hands like the hunter that kills them I have never been an anatomy but an enigma look into my lower eye my thighs are two aircrafts in full descent crushing yr synapses crushing yr skull the Bermuda Triangle is my four bedroom walls You expect to be lost, destroyed fair I am not man I am not woman I am total absolute chaos!!!!!!!!!

Youth; or Sorry I Showed Up to Your House Drunk to Tell You That I Love You

let's sit down you look tired too many before me have said lay down and that means something beyond all of this let's sit down I once thought my palms down your body could clear the static like a human hand down wire it shocks me with a warning but says nothing I was younger then there is no comfort in the desire of it all only temporary relief let's sit down it's a grey day we're always more honest when it's like this


Lauren Belmore is a queer writer, noise-maker, & performer. They have been published in zines by Alien Mouth, Kiss Your Best Friends Press, Goat's Head Record Collective, Bootown, Spiderweb Salon, & have performed all around Texas. Their poems can be found in the upcoming chapbook I TREAT OTHERS THE WAY I COULD TREAT MYSELF. In their spare time, they enjoy listening to the Smiths & weeping.