Moses Jourdine Lee

Stepping Over Structures Of Verman, Sleeping In A Pool Of Their Own Sweat and Urine, acrylic on metal by Moses Jourdine Lee


Houston-based visual artist, Moses Jourdine Lee utilizes bold color, attention to fine detail, and organic shapes to take viewers through scapes transcending time and space. Taking inspiration from his surroundings, he transforms sketches of macro subjects into vast bodies. A tradesman taking contract-work in specialty finishes, plaster, decorative clay, structural framing, organic landscaping, and welding/machine metalwork, he uses his trade to learn and practice techniques that are transferable to choice art mediums. Now on a path to further develop his style, Moses is elevating his expression to new explorations and heights. Join him in this chapter in the creative career of Moses Jourdine Lee and allow these visions to resonate in your emotions and minds. 806-470-8875